Say Hello to a Healthier You

Because every great friendship starts with “hello.”

You Are What You Eat—Make sure it’s only the best.

No preservatives. Non-GMO. Nothing but the good stuff.

At Hello Green, we’re bringing healthy eating back down to earth, directly to your home, office, or anywhere you are. We were founded on the belief that finding healthy eating options shouldn’t have to be a work out in itself and your energy is better spent at your job or in the gym.

We understand that it can be challenging to make meal plans, find recipes, and cook when you have a busy life filled with meetings at work, time with the family, and the gym routine you’ve (hopefully) stuck with since the New Year.

We want to take one of the stresses out of the equation. We deliver chef-inspired, farm-to-table quality meals at a price you can afford. Now you have no excuse to hit the drive-thru on your way home with quality dishes waiting for you at home.

Committed to Changing the Way You Eat

Don’t diet—eat healthy for life.

Instead of looking at every meal as just a way to please your taste buds, we’re helping you reconnect with the nutrients your body needs to conquer the day. From our morning detox meals and drinks, to our vitamin-packed dinners, each Hello Green meal will leave you feeling good about yourself and your food choices.

Hello Green didn’t happen overnight, and through hours upon hours of work, we’ve built a brand we are proud to call our own. We stand to represent the best in meal delivery without any of the grease, calories, or chemicals you’ll find in other “fast food.”

Speedy, healthy, local meals delivered right to you. That’s our specialty, and it’s always on the menu.

Meet Chef Vicky, Sanjay & Rishi

The power-trio behind Hello Green

Sanjay Ghai
Vicky Ratnani
Rishi Khiani
Sanjay Ghai

CEO and Co-Founder

Vicky Ratnani

Chef and Food Connoisseur

Rishi Khiani

CEO at AntFarm

Our CEO and co-founder Sanjay Ghai is a serial entrepreneur and a certified nutritionist with degrees from the American College of Sports Medicine and Oxford College. His passion for sustainable and healthy eating led to the creation of Hello Green. He has taken his past experiences in creating and launching the healthy gelato chain Amicis, launching dozens of FMCG brands and the cofounding of the hyper local delivery company Scootsy to develop a multi-format food brand focused on health, nutrition and sustainability . He is also driven by the social mission to empower the local farmer and give back to the community. While he handles the logistics and the nutrition his partner Vicky handles the tastes.

Chef Vicky Ratnani spent an entire year with a team of nutritionists to develop this macro-friendly menu. He is a master at putting flavors together and knows that healthy eating doesn’t have to taste boring. We receive new ingredients from local farmers on a regular basis and as the seasons change, so does our menu. Chef Vicky is always experimenting so stay tuned for new menu items soon!

Rishi Khiani is the CEO at AntFarm, an Internet and media startup platform that’s entering a phase of hyper-growth. He’s also the co-founder of the hyper-local food delivery startup, Scootsy – Mumbai’s favorite delivery service. Rishi previously served as the CEO of Times Internet Ltd from 2009 to 2012, and oversaw the launch of, and the revamp of, & He’s a champion of technology and design.

Bridging the Gap Local Food and You

Empowering Local Farmers - No Compromises on the environment, your health, or your pocket

As a culture, we used to be close to the food we ate. We often grew it ourselves, but with advancements in technology, it seems we've drifted further from the food we eat. Hello Green wants you to love the food you eat again. When you order from Hello Green, you know that what you’re eating was grown by your community, from local farms.

In addition to sourcing our ingredients from the community, we also give back a portion of each order to charity. Whether it's helping small farmers with the support they need to plant more crops or helping feed local families, we want to give back in any way we can.

Change the way you eat. Change the way you live.

Hello Green.