HIIT your Winter Blues

Taking care of your body around the year is important, but the winter time is one of the easiest scapegoats for many. Don’t fall pray, because the rewards are greater!

It’s chilly, darker earlier and we can think of is sleeping in an extra hour or cuddling in bed after work. Sure, that could be great- but wouldn’t it be better if we earned it? This is the primary reason HIIT is not a trend and a permanent means and discipline. From the time you watched one whole episode of your favorite show, you could have started and finished a whole workout!

HIIT works because it increases your feel good hormones and increases your levels of brain receptors that cause depression and mood swings when in a depleted state.
You don’t even have to step out of your house, you need a little space, some good music and a friend for moral support if needed.

HIIT is also known to help regulate blood sugar levels by increasing the metabolism of glucose* , which can rise around festiveseason, for those at risk who let go around this time. If you have your cake, working for it makes it twice as much better!

Get a head start on your resolutions and start feeling better, because you deserve to not succumb to the Weatherly blues and flus!

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