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Bulk Up - 6 Day Plan

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Deliciously healthy high protein meals, designed specially to enhance muscle growth. This plan provides all the nutrients to build muscle, fuel your workouts and perform at your peak. Delivering Power-Packed meals that are a perfectly balanced, high-protein, macro split that will take your muscle gain to the next level, helping you lift more while facilitating your growth and recovery.

High Protein

What you get

Achari Chicken with Tandoori Veggies & Masala Mash (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:553 Carbs:21 Protein:22 Fats:40

Indonesian Chicken with Brown Fried Rice & Crunchy Slaw (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:486 Carbs:33 Protein:29 Fats:25

Cuban Spiced Chicken with Refried Beans & Sauteed Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:615 Carbs:32 Protein:35 Fats:38

Jerk Spiced Fish with Whole Wheat Spaghetti Arrabiata & Grilled Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:331 Carbs:31 Protein:21 Fats:12

Kasundi Chicken with Baked Sweet Potato, Cabbage & Green Peas Poriyal (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:762 Carbs:46 Protein:35 Fats:47

Miso Fish, Scallion & Jalapeno Mash & Sauteed Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:468 Carbs:17 Protein:26 Fats:31

Red Thai Curry Prawns with Brown Rice & Sauteed Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories: Carbs: Protein: Fats:

Portuguese Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash & Sauteed Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:418 Carbs:32 Protein:30 Fats:17

Italian Seasoned Chicken Breast with Mash Potato & Sauteed Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:632 Carbs:26 Protein:26 Fats:47

Chipotle Chicken with Baked Sweet Potato & Mexican Cauliflower Fried Rice (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:545 Carbs:33 Protein:26 Fats:36

Shawarma Fish, Herb Potato Mash & Sauteed Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:669 Carbs:25 Protein:19 Fats:53

Greek Chicken Meatballs with Whole Wheat Penne & Sauteed Veggies (Bulk)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:472 Carbs:36 Protein:26 Fats:24

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