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Get Shredded - 6 Day Plan

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Burn Fat, Get definition. Shredding is dependent on the right combination of diet, cardio and weightlifting exercises. Hello Green's Muscle Shred plan is created by the best nutritionists and bodybuilders in the business to ensure you get fueled with the right amount of protein, minus all those unwanted fats. The Shred plan gives you High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free meals every day, made with the freshest farm to fork, non-GMO produce, high protein Tofu & Cottage Cheese, all rubbed with delicious spices. This is the ideal vegetarian meal plan to keep you motivated and shredded.

Gluten Free

High Protein

What you get

Moonglet with Mint Chutney (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:115 Carbs:11 Protein:5 Fats:5

Char Sui Cottage Cheese with Sauteed Veggies & Brown Rice (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:344 Carbs:20 Protein:15 Fats:21

Crudités with Roasted Tomato Dip (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:377 Carbs:34 Protein:9 Fats:20

Tandoori Tofu with Kachumber Slaw & Baked Sweet Potato (Shred)

Gluten Free • Vegan • High ProteinCalories:346 Carbs:30 Protein:21 Fats:14

Paneer, Broccoli & Green Peas Bhurji (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:240 Carbs:8 Protein:13 Fats:17

Harissa Spiced Cottage Cheese with Sauteed Veggies & Brown Rice Pilaf (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:360 Carbs:27 Protein:19 Fats:19

Cottage Cheese Mexican Wrap (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:144 Carbs:3 Protein:9 Fats:8

Cajun Spiced Tofu with Zoodles In Tomato Sauce & Mashed Potato (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:375 Carbs:18 Protein:16 Fats:26

Fluffy Pancakes (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:171 Carbs:6 Protein:6 Fats:15

Golden Milk (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:135 Carbs:18 Protein:4 Fats:4

Thai Green Curry Rubbed Tofu with Sauteed Veggies & Brown Rice (Shred)

Gluten Free • Vegan • High ProteinCalories:368 Carbs:24 Protein:24 Fats:18

Pumpkin, Greek Yoghurt & Mix Nut Parfait (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:301 Carbs:14 Protein:26 Fats:16

Paprika Spiced Cottage Cheese with Sauteed Veggies & Mashed Potato (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:355 Carbs:17 Protein:17 Fats:24

Mini Shawarma Cottage Cheese Pod (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:285 Carbs:11 Protein:17 Fats:18

Chimichuri Tofu with Harissa Roasted Veggies & Sweet Potato Mash (Shred)

Low Calorie • Gluten Free • Vegan • High ProteinCalories:271 Carbs:17 Protein:21 Fats:13

Cauliflower Poha (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:143 Carbs:7 Protein:9 Fats:8

Fresh Turmeric & Coconut Braised Cottage Cheese with Cabbage Poriyal & Brown Rice (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:385 Carbs:25 Protein:16 Fats:24

Thai Cottage Cheese Wrap with Soya Chili Dip (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:200 Carbs:7 Protein:14 Fats:12

Korean Tofu with Kimchi, Veggies & Scallion Jalapeno Potato Mash (Shred)

Gluten Free • Vegan • High ProteinCalories:320 Carbs:16 Protein:21 Fats:18

Fruit Bowl (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:136 Carbs:30 Protein:1 Fats:0

Asian Pesto Cottage Cheese with Cauliflower Fried Rice & Baked Sweet Potato (Shred)

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:443 Carbs:19 Protein:15 Fats:33

Falafel with Hummus (Shred)

High ProteinCalories:242 Carbs:16 Protein:5 Fats:16

Zaatar Caffreal Tofu with Succotash & Herb Potato Mash (Shred)

Gluten Free • Vegan • High ProteinCalories:350 Carbs:24 Protein:23 Fats:17

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