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Burn Fat, Get definition. Shredding is dependent on the right combination of diet, cardio and weightlifting exercises. Hello Green's Muscle Shred plan is created by the best nutritionists and bodybuilders in the business to ensure you get fueled with the right amount of protein, minus all those unwanted fats. The Shred plan gives you High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free meals every day, made with the freshest farm to fork, non-GMO produce, high protein Tofu & Cottage Cheese, all rubbed with delicious spices. This is the ideal vegetarian meal plan to keep you motivated and shredded.

High Protein

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Calories: Carbs: Protein: Fats:


Calories: Carbs: Protein: Fats:


Calories: Carbs: Protein: Fats:

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