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2 Week Keto

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2 Steps closer in your journey to weight loss. Our Straight outta Keto plan ensures that you don't intake more than 20 grams of carbs a day, while delivering 2 deliciously exciting certified premium Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Keto meals per day, for 12 days. This plan would help you jumpstart and maintain your metabolism towards ketosis minus the fatigue and displeasure. So go ahead, take the plunge and remember don't blame the butter for what the bread did!

Gluten Free


High Protein

What you get

Veg Basket with Almond Korma Curry

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:599 Carbs:11 Protein:10 Fats:54

Steamed Fish in a Kale Pouch

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:511 Carbs:7 Protein:28 Fats:41

Mushroom & Spinach Crumble Pie

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:609 Carbs:9.3 Protein:14.8 Fats:57

Ko Samui with Cauliflower Rice

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:600 Carbs:6.5 Protein:33 Fats:42

Zoodles with Quattro Formaggio

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:691 Carbs:8 Protein:25 Fats:62

Red Thai Curry with Chicken and Cauliflower Rice (Keto)

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:524 Carbs:3.4 Protein:24 Fats:39

Quattro Formaggio Cauliflower Risotto

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:510 Carbs:4.7 Protein:16.2 Fats:47

Tandoori Chicken with Kachumber Slaw (Keto)

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:203 Carbs:4 Protein:24 Fats:4.2

Braised Paneer with Mushrooms and Black Pepper

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:560 Carbs:8 Protein:14 Fats:38

Prawns and Mushrooms Aglio Olio in Spinach Kale Cream

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:444 Carbs:10 Protein:20 Fats:36

Keto Mac and Cheese

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:558 Carbs:9.1 Protein:18.8 Fats:45.3

Chicken Jambalaya

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:397 Carbs:5.4 Protein:27.8 Fats:19

Fondue Mushroom with Mediterrean Vegetables

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:487 Carbs:7 Protein:14 Fats:29

Palak Kale Chicken with Cauliflower Jeera Rice (Keto)

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:476 Carbs:6.5 Protein:31 Fats:36.7

Zoodles with Basil Pesto

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:253 Carbs:3.5 Protein:8.7 Fats:23.3

Mexican Chicken, Cheese & Chili Casserole

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • MunchiesCalories:561 Carbs:5 Protein:25 Fats:49

Cajun Spiced Cottage Cheese with Zoodles Alfredo

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:692 Carbs:11.5 Protein:26.9 Fats:60

Thai Green Curry, Lean Chicken, Bokchoy & Cauliflower Broccoli Rice (Keto)

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:434 Carbs:5.4 Protein:27 Fats:33

Mushroom Stroganoff

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:502 Carbs:6.1 Protein:6.1 Fats:50.6

Bunless Lamb & Cheddar Cheese Burger Patty

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:418 Carbs:1 Protein:43 Fats:27

Veg Basket in Green Masala, Coconut Milk

Gluten Free • KetogenicCalories:315 Carbs:6.9 Protein:3 Fats:29

Peppered Chicken Breast with Mushrooms & Broccoli

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:454 Carbs:4.5 Protein:28 Fats:35

Zucchini Parmigiania

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:560 Carbs:9.2 Protein:41 Fats:39

Hariyali Roast Chicken with Sauteed Veggies (Keto)

KetogenicCalories: Carbs: Protein: Fats:

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