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5 Day Salad Week

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By popular demand, Introducing the Hello Green Vegetarian 5 Day Salad Week! We'll be delivering 5 of our top farm to fork vegetarian salads from the list below, Monday to Friday. Whether you're at your desk, back from the gym, or just craving a clean, green and deliciously nutritious salad, this pack is for you. Find the menu for the upcoming week below. This pack is vegetarian, and menu options are subject to change. 

Low Calorie

Gluten Free


High Protein

What you get

Outta Africa

Gluten FreeCalories:377 Carbs:49 Protein:8.4 Fats:30.9

The Punjabi

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:369 Carbs:31.2 Protein:14 Fats:21.5

Warm Hipster Gobi

Low Calorie • Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:215 Carbs:27 Protein:11 Fats:7

Vegan Protein Salad

Gluten Free • VeganCalories:501 Carbs:37 Protein:11 Fats:33

Shalom (Mezze Platter)

Gluten Free • VeganCalories:469 Carbs:42 Protein:10 Fats:29

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