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Plant-Powered - 6 Day Plan

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Hello Green's Vegan Meal Plans are designed by nutritionists and prepared by chefs to ensure you reach your goals and fall in love with every bite of the food you eat that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. These plant-based meals are wholesome and unprocessed and focus on strengthening the gut and giving the body natural nourishment. Packed with flavour and nutrients these farm to fork meals are green and cruelty free.


High Protein

What you get

Moonglet with Mint Chutney (Vegan)

Calories:115 Carbs:11 Protein:5 Fats:5

Kale, Chickpea & Brown Rice Khichdi (Vegan)

Calories:371 Carbs:48 Protein:13 Fats:13

Greek Tofu with Whole Wheat Penne & Sauteed Veggies (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:399 Carbs:38 Protein:23 Fats:15

Brown Rice Idli with Sambar & Coconut Chutney (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:400 Carbs:52 Protein:10 Fats:16

Thai Noodle Soup (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:347 Carbs:14 Protein:8 Fats:27

Caribbean Spiced Tofu with Roasted Veggies (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:247 Carbs:18 Protein:19 Fats:10

Healthy Pancakes (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:353 Carbs:64 Protein:15 Fats:3

Vegan Protein Salad

High ProteinCalories:306 Carbs:6 Protein:17 Fats:24

Cuban Spiced Tofu with Sauteed Veggies (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:258 Carbs:12 Protein:22 Fats:12

Potato & Green Peas Paratha (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:290 Carbs:31 Protein:5 Fats:15

Veggie Kofta Curry with Whole Wheat Roti (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:320 Carbs:42 Protein:9 Fats:11

Korean Spiced Tofu with Carrot Mash, Kimchee & Sauteed Veggies (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:332 Carbs:17 Protein:14 Fats:21

Oatmeal Bowl (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:280 Carbs:45 Protein:6 Fats:8

Arabic Buddha Bowl (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:551 Carbs:49 Protein:13 Fats:31

Thai Green Curry Rubbed Tofu with Brown Rice & Sauteed Veggies (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:679 Carbs:49 Protein:23 Fats:41

Quinoa & Sweet Potato Poha (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:268 Carbs:32 Protein:5 Fats:11

Mix Veg Curry with Brown Rice (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:277 Carbs:49 Protein:9 Fats:4

Soya Bolognese with Zoodles & Whole Wheat Spaghetti (Vegan)

High ProteinCalories:479 Carbs:50 Protein:31 Fats:15

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