Power Packed Meal Packs


Power Packed Mealpack

Rs. 1599

Looking for a balanced, nutritious and delicious weekly meal plan? We'll choose 5 of our perfect vegetarian options to ensure you're eating right for lunch or dinner. Delivered once a day, Monday to Friday, we'll Pick from the items below. Find the menu for the upcoming week below. This pack is vegetarian, and menu options are subject to change. 

Low Calorie

Gluten Free

High Protein


What you get

Butter-less Paneer Makhani with Multigrain Rotis

High Protein • MunchiesCalories:692 Carbs:59.2 Protein:24.8 Fats:39.6

Lasagna with Soya Mince

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:647 Carbs:33 Protein:50 Fats:35

Brown Rice Veggie Jambalaya

Gluten FreeCalories:372 Carbs:42 Protein:6.3 Fats:19.5

The Falafel Wrap

High ProteinCalories:497 Carbs:60 Protein:17 Fats:21

Kale, Chick Pea & Black Rice Khichdi

Gluten FreeCalories:508 Carbs:76 Protein:18 Fats:15

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