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Power Packed Mealpack

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Looking for a balanced, nutritious and delicious weekly meal plan? We'll choose 5 of our perfect non-vegetarian options to ensure you're eating right for lunch or dinner. Delivered once a day, Monday to Friday, we'll Pick from the items below. Find the menu for the upcoming week below. This pack is non-vegetarian, and menu options are subject to change. 

Low Calorie

Gluten Free

High Protein


What you get

Butter-less Butter Chicken with Multigrain Rotis

High Protein • MunchiesCalories:657 Carbs:53.2 Protein:22.8 Fats:39.3

Lasagna with Chicken Mince

Gluten Free • Ketogenic • High ProteinCalories:444 Carbs:6 Protein:38 Fats:24

Brown Rice Chicken Jambalaya

Gluten Free • High ProteinCalories:524 Carbs:41.5 Protein:32 Fats:25.6

Salmon Filet Burger

High ProteinCalories:631 Carbs:27 Protein:35 Fats:41

Ko Samui with Brown Rice

High ProteinCalories:434 Carbs:29 Protein:31 Fats:22

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