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5 Day Smoothie Cleanse

Rs. 799

Loaded with Anti-Oxidents, Low on your Glycemic Load & best of all, completely All Natural! Our 5 Day Smoothie Pack gets you 1 deliciously healthy smoothie a day, for 5 days. From our top selling Triple Berry Smoothie to our naturally detoxing Reset Smoothie, you'll be able to taste the freshness, and feel the difference. NO PRESERVATIVES, NON-GMO, NO PROCESSED SUGARS. Just the Real Stuff! 

Low Calorie

Gluten Free

What you get

Triple Berry

Gluten FreeCalories:232 Carbs:45 Protein:4 Fats:4

Reset (Detox)

Low Calorie • Gluten FreeCalories:64 Carbs:12 Protein:3 Fats:0

Green Matcha

Gluten FreeCalories:310 Carbs:45 Protein:10 Fats:10

Skin Cleanser

Gluten FreeCalories:203 Carbs:22 Protein:4 Fats:11

Cacao Mint

Gluten FreeCalories:102 Carbs:20 Protein:1 Fats:2

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