The Hello Green Safety Standard

In response to COVID - 19, we've implemented stricter safety standards across our entire operation. From sourcing our ingredients, in our kitchens, and on our deliveries - so you can Stay Home, Stay Safe and stay connected to Hello Green, and keep your peace of mind.

Safety & Hygiene in our Kitchens.

In accordance with Govt. of India's SOPs on preventive measures in restaurants to contain the spread of COVID - 19

- Elevated sanitation, strict hand-washing schedule + new gloves for every order.

- Facemasks & hair nets worn at all times by all team members.

- 3 layer produce washing practices in place.

- Daily team member wellness + temperature checks before every shift.

- Adequate manpower sufficient to comply with social distancing in our kitchens.

- Sanitizer dispenser stations + Social Distancing norms in place for Swiggy & Zomato delivery agents.

- Fumigation & cleaning 3 times daily using Swiss made, eco friendly & food grade formula - Virosil ( Check out - Virosil by Sanosil)

- No shared storage of vegetarian & non-vegetarian ingredients.

We understand that it's a challenging time to continue to step out safely, find & learn recipes, cook your meals, or even order in whether it's home or work. We know It's bad enough that you're being extra careful while trying to maintain your routine, so you shouldn't compromise you or your family's safety or health. This is why we're committed to the utmost safety standards here at Hello Green, so we can continue to deliver your healthy, nutritious meals every day, safely to you.

Safety & Hygiene on our deliveries.

Stay home, Stay Safe—We'll deliver your meals with our enhanced safety measures.

- Tamper proof seals on all delivery packaging, all boxes sanitised before usage.

- All packaging washed in soap water before sent to the kitchen.

- Hand sanitizer, gloves + face masks for all delivery agents + regular sanitization of kitchen order pick-up areas.

- Daily team member wellness + temperature checks before every shift.

- Contact-free delivery with “leave at door or gate” option for added peace of mind.

- Cashless payments on all orders. Minimum delivery agent - customer interaction.

Speedy, healthy, wholesome meals delivered right to you. That’s our specialty, and it’s always on the menu. Now it comes with a side order of extra safety.


Your Questions, Answered.

What locations are currently online?

Order availability is being treated on a kitchen-by-kitchen basis due to limited staff for the time being. Please find kitchen / delivery availability by searching for a store or address here (Order Now | Hello Green).

I can't find my usual order, has your menu changed?

Menu items might vary based on your delivery location due to limited staff, and ingredient availability for the time being. However we'll keep you updated with new menu additions and product launches by email or on our social media. Sign up and subscribe! or see your local kitchen's menu here (Order Now | Hello Green).

What's the deal with your meal plan subscriptions?

We're revamping our operation and upgrading! We'll be delivering our nutritious, balanced meal plans soon. Until then, you can reach out to us for nutrition consultations by email ( or see what is available currently here (Meal Plans | Hello Green).

What are the current cleaning practices?

Our Food Safety protocol & policy is designed to keep our team members as well as our customers. We’re enhancing our cleaning procedures, including disinfecting all kitchen surfaces, keeping our hand sanitizing stations replenished, and providing our staff with protective equipment. It is our policy to send team members and couriers home if they are exhibiting symptoms. During this time especially, we’re grateful to have our employees dedicated to maintaining a clean work environment, on top of doing their jobs.

Our delivery agents are following public health guidelines around washing their hands, using hand sanitizer, staying home if they begin to feel ill, and executing contact-less deliveries. All couriers are instructed to wash their hands in our kitchens before collecting their orders to deliver. Delivery Agents are also instructed not to add or remove any items from the bags at any time during the delivery process.

If you have questions about this, you may reach out to us at

No Compromise on Safety. No Compromise on Health.

Hello Green.